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Re: Integrity in our Aikido Community

Jason Casteel wrote: View Post
I don't know man, I disagree. It seems the problems are:

1. People posting BS (subjective)

2. The debate surrounding said BS

3. People wanting proof in some form to verify if the BS is really BS or not.

1 and 2 are what they are. If it's BS you call it BS, respond to any meaningful follow-up and you leave it at that, move along. It doesn't have to devolve into 16 page long threads full of back and forth nonsense that goes nowhere. When it comes to 3, if you ask and aren't obliged, then you just file it as BS and move on. You've had your say, you've tried to advance the facts, anyone who comes along reading it is going to see what took place and make their judgments. I'm not here to shepherd the masses through the valley of evil. If someone is doing something (aikido or "real life") and they're accepting it at face value, not researching, questioning and thinking for themselves, that's on them, not me. You will not change anyones opinion who doesn't want to let it be changed. That's a fact driven home by the internet every second of the day. So beyond doing the above, what more do you do?
Ditto. With whipped cream and a cherry on top!

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