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Re: Is there enough practice for 'real life' in Aikido?

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Sure. That being the case, I wonder why it's so common that aikidoka (or martial artists in other styles, for that matter) come up with glib responses to "how to handle a kick" like "Oh, just grab the leg." I don't see quite that degree of airy dismissal with other techniques -- but then, it may just be that it's more common that someone would have actually seen a competent punch than that they would have seen a competent kick.
I think there's a difference between theoretical discussions online and actual training in the dojo. The theory of techniques against kicks is pretty much the same as the theory of techniques against strikes, except that the kick makes the attacker's balance more suspect. So, when someone asks about kicks in a forum like this, the response is to shrug and not be terribly concerned. Kicks are different, but they're not *hard*.

But yes, like anything else, of course one would want to test that theoretical analysis in actual training against competent kickers.

I've trained kicks with Saotome Sensei, and at both my current and previous dojos. There was even a hamni handachi front kick on my nidan test. (Which resulted in uke going down so hard that he still remembers it a few years later.) In my experience, the theoretical analysis holds up pretty well in practice.

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