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Re: Weapons training and developing perception of intent...

When you train in body art your waza does not have to be exact.For example , your timing might be out , perhaps your contact , maai might be suspect.In this situation you may receive a glancing blow with a tegatana[not that this is something one wants to receive if Uke knows how to make a good shomenuchi] but here you do not normally get too damaged.In a weapons mode if the intent is serious and uke is experienced, you can get seriously damaged if you as Uke get it wrong.You can of course resort to usage of gauntlets, these help to avoid serious damage to the thumb, fingers.I know guys who have had broken/bruised thumbs after kiri otoshi ken movements.
You definitely cannot be 'asleep when working with weapons.Correct attitude, good timing , good maai and most of all you need to know how to absorb Toris attack.Flexible mind plus flexible body is the ideal scenario.Working with weapons brings a hint of danger and edge which personally I like.A good makiotoshi cheers me up better than half a dozen doughnuts.I also think that if you do not keep your mind alert you can do self damage [cuts ] to your own fingers while doing Batto Ho. cheers, Joe.
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