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Re: Is there enough practice for 'real life' in Aikido?

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
I don't recall saying that I was referring exclusively to this thread.

Sure. That being the case, I wonder why it's so common that aikidoka (or martial artists in other styles, for that matter) come up with glib responses to "how to handle a kick" like "Oh, just grab the leg." I don't see quite that degree of airy dismissal with other techniques -- but then, it may just be that it's more common that someone would have actually seen a competent punch than that they would have seen a competent kick.

Right, but going back to the thread, I'm personally not worried about running into a competent kicker outside the dojo, so if the goal is self-defense, I'd put it as a low priority to train against.

I think that glib responses are compensatory acts to cover up for some level of awareness of inadequacies.

Looking at some good research into the nature of attacks, you are absolutely right regarding kicks. More so for women than men. Kicks tend to happen in open spaces, as opposed to the tight confines of a bar. Than being said, I think that it is important to incorporate some nature of kicks into any good self-defense training paradigms. It helps people to maintain a larger body awareness of an attacker. Tunnel vision is a typical process that occurs during an attack. Good training paradigms for the defender force the defender to not get caught up in that process.

This whole discussion goes back to an earlier post (I don't remember if it was this thread) in which I said that if you utilize your traditional martial arts training primarily for self-defense purposes, you are in for a surprise....

Marc Abrams
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