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Re: Is there enough practice for 'real life' in Aikido?

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I re-read all of the responses on this thread and I cannot find one single "bland assertion" regarding kicks.
I don't recall saying that I was referring exclusively to this thread.

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I would generalize your position and say the same regarding many attacks.
Sure. That being the case, I wonder why it's so common that aikidoka (or martial artists in other styles, for that matter) come up with glib responses to "how to handle a kick" like "Oh, just grab the leg." I don't see quite that degree of airy dismissal with other techniques -- but then, it may just be that it's more common that someone would have actually seen a competent punch than that they would have seen a competent kick.

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I spend a lot of time teaching students how to attack properly (from a martial arts perspective). I also teach them how to attack like a good street fighter, or boxer, wrestler. If we are not able to practice safely with some degree of realism to the attacks, I fail to see how any of us can expect our practice to translate into the types of attacks that commonly occur outside of the dojo.
Right, but going back to the thread, I'm personally not worried about running into a competent kicker outside the dojo, so if the goal is self-defense, I'd put it as a low priority to train against.
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