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Walter Martindale
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Re: HELP! I'm being bullied in the dojo!

If someone can't make you move, see if you can figure out why, and then help them figure out how to make you move - or - ask the sensei something like - "I don't think I'm trying to stop my partner but it's happening - can you see if I'm doing something to interfere with the technique or if there's some error my partner's making?

You've mentioned that you progressed pretty quickly but not what your rank is - however if you've only been in Aikido for less than a few years, you're in a situation of not knowing how much you don't know.

(I've 'passed' a nidan test and I still get very confused at least once a practice, either with what's being taught, why it's working so well, or why it's not working at all, and I try to figure it out whatever the case)

If your partner or potential bully is getting frustrated because you're harder to do a technique with, help him (assuming a him) learn how to do the technique or movement principle better so that you can learn more about a) how to do it better yourself and b) how to read the movements of your partners for practicing kaeshi-waza

Becoming an "expert" or "master" takes (on average) 10,000 hours of practice. Studies are showing that there's a range from about 6000 hours (makes me jealous) and infinity (person should give up and try something else) - maybe you're one of the "early" types.. or maybe not.

Not sure that's exactly what I'm trying to say, but if, in the future, it turns out that this fellow is actually 'bullying', then do it Alic's way...
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