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Paula Lydon
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~~I believe it's got to be a blend of the two. I've had old-school teachers who thought students had to 'steal' the art, and would even teach things incorrectly here and there just to keep their secrets. Perhaps this motivated the students to find the truth for themselves, as must we all, but it was also a pain in the butt and time consuming.

~~Absolutely I believe that the student needs a 'fire in the belly' to learn, that it's not the teacher's job to cajole or motivate the student, but...encouragement at times to a regular student is beneficial.

~~I can learn alot from watching and then doing, but there are times when I need to feel my teacher's movement and have them feel mine, if I'm stuck somewhere. This just makes sense to me. As a parent I let my kids stumble around some, experiment, etc. but stepped in with a little guidance at a certain point because that's what seniors do for juniors. I would like someone to correct me before an incorrect movement becomes a bad habit.

~~My two cents...

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