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Internal/Aiki training with Dan Harden in London, April13-15

The seminar will be a continuation of the development and applications of internal power and aiki, as spelled out and written by Morihei Ueshiba for practical application in his Aikido.

We are currently looking at locations.
Information on location, time, registration and payment will be posted as they come available.

This will be my third visit to the UK. Previous attendees are going to be given priority for this Seminar as I hope to continue moving forward with the groups we have trained with in the past. In reality there may be few if any spaces left, sorry. I am listing this as a courtesy. I am trying to make a few available per seminar when I can. Any spaces left will be on a first come/ first served basis and I will write you in, in order of response.
Cost will be the equivalent of $175 U.S. dollars at whatever exchange rate is at the time.
Email me at
If you need to reach me use the dojoseminar email and not my Aikiweb P.M. address.

P.S. I have 26 Seminars I am doing this year-most are private and already booked. I will continue to strive to make spots available when I can. I don't like doing large format seminars -say over thirty people- as they simply don't work for this type of internal/aiki training. I need hands on time with people so you actually learn something and feel the difference.

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