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Re: HELP! I'm being bullied in the dojo!

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Dojos, dance schools, even graphic art schools are like families. The new student - especially the gifted one - often has to deal with the jealousy of the senior students. Conflicts and rivalries can turn ugly if the instructor in charge is not careful to avoid inflating some student's ego, and to hurt a previously best student by suddenly relegating them to second place.
Or it may just be that the guy was born jealous genes, period. Some people are like that.
Anyway, I agree with Michael and Keith. The world is not perfect, and if you are doing so well in the dojo, just let him marinate in his own problems and move on with your training and your life.
Thank you, Marie. I'm going keep on chugging along with my happy train, definitely! I don't think my sensei is inflating my least, not intentionally; he just ends up talking about me a lot. I try not to have one, reminding myself that I just work hard. I know I'm no better than anyone else and everyone else knows that I know. I mean, I can't do a lot of things that other people can, like math. Everybody has things they're good at.

Unfortunately, this particular student is not as regular as I and some of the others are, and my instructor has had trouble with him in the past, so I don't think he's now second fiddle. I do think he has a problem with my rank, though, because before my 5th kyu test, he was fine. It was when I started climbing the ladder that he started acting up. The other students are getting pretty irritated that he's treating me this way. I'm not sure they particularly care for him, either.

Again, thanks! I'm going to talk with my sensei tonight about getting people to stop talking about me, etc.
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