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Originally posted by Mikey

Some people have lives, spouses, successful careers, children, maybe church commitments, or God forbid- other interests. Aikido is not a vocation for everyone who practices.

There are some, as myself, who do Aikido because it is pleasurable, interesting and it keeps me thinking. I would like nothing better than to train every day and commute to train with special teachers when they are around. My wife, kids, and job would not care for it however.

I just wanted to say that to hopefully give you a bit of perspective, Mr. Ledyard, not to criticize your view. In fact I agree with you.

I sympathize with this young man, and I have no profound advice, except the wise words Chuck has left. Look around while you are young, if possible train in Japan while you are young, take the time to find a great teacher, they exist.

When it is time to take on responsibilities, do that with commitment, and after retirement pursue your loves with abandon.
Very well said.

George, I know this is a big issue with you as I sat with you in your dojo and talked to you about it (actually I listened) although I doubt you remember me as it was a short stay (I was visiting) and a few years ago. However, you need to realize that you've been bitten by the bug. It makes you a bit crazy. Some of my favorite people in the art are those who have not been bitten. They seem more centered and often have a better perspective on life.

Also, it's not just the hour that gets in the way. Aikido can take up a whole evening. You drive an hour, train for 2, drive another hour and then decompress for an hour. That's 5 freaking hours added to what's a 10 hour day for most people. You barely see the kids in this scenario. That 30 minutes counts big time.

I have another Nadeau story which is strange because I probably see him as often as I've seen lunar eclipses. He was wondering what to do about students who come to his dojo for the exercise. It seemed to be a real issue with him.

I thought, "you be damn thankful they are exercising with you because you can pay your rent off them."
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