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Suwari waza

I am new to the forum. I joined because I wanted to get advice on suri waza.
I am not an aikido stylist please forgive me, I only want to learn.
My background art is tai chi chuan and some other related chinese martial arts.
For the last couple years I have been training in bjj. Because rooting was
primary in my background arts I felt awkward getting my base during a kneeling roll. I tried using the common bjj begining postures but nothing felt quite right. I searched around the internet for and found suri waza. Actually it was just the thing I needed. I practiced the basic posture at home as best I could. Just stationary and moving to the left and right. I tried it out on the matt in both gi and no gi rolling. It worked well. I saw on suri waza that the back of the opponent was taken a lot so this waza must lend itself to that. I was able to take the back a few times. The danger i think is getting caught in guard and I have not tried it yet against an opponent that strongly favours the guard. But in my mind I can see that being a big problem. Anyway is anyone on here into this waza and if so are there any pointers you can give me on the practising the postures? It is the leg movements, contact with the ground and posture tips that I am after. I will still be using bjj chokes and locks. I did see a few videos with o sensei where he had his students press on his head from the kneeling posture. This shows that his root and posture is very strong and also shows the weight distribution in the position. I tried to infer the correct posture from that but as you know there are limits to what you can learn from videos.
Thanks in advance
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