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Marc Abrams
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Re: Techniques in themselves don't work

Mario Tobias wrote: View Post
Sorry marc, maybe I spoke too soon. It's not a generalization for all the teachers but just my observations having been a member of a dozen dojos in my career. Some only teach waza. Some of them do teach principles but there's something lacking that the message is not conveyed properly and the students dont get it. Teachers maybe great in aikido but something lacking in the teaching methods. Its difficult for the student since they dont know what they're searching for in a teacher. Even if they find one, its discerning what lessons to be taken away from the teacher. my apologies.

No apologies are needed. Your generalization is accurate in my estimation as well. A number of us Aikidoka have been discussing this situation for quite some time now. Our concerns about the teaching paradigms have lead us to pursue a number of approaches in hopes of finding a better formula for teaching in a more effective and efficient manner. I always apologize to my students who are exposed to my experimenting with them as I learn more and learn how to become a more effective and efficient teacher. I sincerely believe that the path of focusing on the execution of principles is proving to be a better approach than the ones that I have been used on me as a student. At the end of the day, I recognize that I may be wrong, but like my teachers, we all are trying the best we can with what we have, can do and know to pass on this art.


Marc Abrams
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