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Re: Hormone Shots Anyone? (i'll have the testoster

Jim Vance (jimvance) wrote:
To begin, after reading Ted Howell's (bombastic) letter, I came to a couple of conclusions:

A.) He really likes what he does, replete with the hero worship and the "my dad used to beat up your dad" scenarios.

B.) He really disapproves of fluffy anything, soggy corn flakes, chick flicks, etc.

That said, I just have to say: each to his own.
To each his own is about my response too, except the phrase "moutain does not criticize the stream, and the stream does not criticise the mountain..." comes to mind.

I attended all of Kondo Sensei's classes at the Aiki Expo. I thoroughly enjoyed the classes and found him to be a sincere and enthusiastic teacher. I told Stanely Pranin as much at the banquet. I even bought the excellent DVD that was available that he had produced in Japan to add to my video library.

Many of the techniques teach you how to control and effectively damage the attacker. You can see why some things might be changed. However, did I discover in Daito Ryu something martially superior to how I have been practicing Aikido ? At least for me the answer was no.

What I found was an art with somewhat different goals than Aikido. There are reasons I practice Aikido that would not be met for me by Daito Ryu.

So to each his own.


Ki Society but I do cross-train.

Jim Vance (jimvance) wrote:
So when I hear that we need to improve the martial quality of our practice, I wonder how much blood must be spilled. To kill and to kill well is martial. I find this an interesting sentiment coming from a law officer who lives and works in a "peaceful" country.
To read that letter was timely for me in that I have been watching the re-runs of Kim Burns excellent PBS program on Lincoln and the American Civil War. The graphic descriptions of mowing down 7000 men in two hours, the prison camp conditions, etc. these are the things that come to mind when someone wants to talk about the need for more "martial quality" in our practice.
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