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What do you call "technique"?

I was still thinking about the thread of Mario Tobias "Techniques in themselves don't work".
And I just attended a seminar where - like usually - did only very few classical waza which could be named like shiho nage or irimi nage or something like that. Most of the work didn't have such names. But it was not "free". It was very precise and was technique in my understanding.

So I realized that I think about two different things when the term "technique" is used:

1. The nameable waza like shiho nage, tenchi nage ...

2. But currently more important to me I think of the "things" you before it comes to these waza: Creating atari, connecting to the partner in a way, I can affect his body structure and controll him. Moving or guiding the partner, using this atari, making him move in a way "I want him to". Using my own body in a way he can not apply his strength on me. And above all: Organizing my own body, my inside, to be able to do all those things.

This is what I call technique in the "narrow sense of the word". So what is usually called technique - and I use this term also - the nameable, traditional waza of aikidō are or can be the product, the outcome of what in my eyes is technique in a deeper sense.

What do you call technique in aikidō?
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