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Re: New dojo/new student

About one year after your questions, how did it go?

Did you open the new dojo?
Did your Shihan help?
How many students have you got?
What is your focus of teaching?


Well, unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, the recession hit and 6 months after opening I had to close the dojo due to only having 3 students.

So I didnt crumble, I gave it a month, and started looking for somewhere else to train. I stumbled upon a dojo in the heart mid Sussex. The dojo head is Roger Payne Kyoshi & Daihyo (official representative) of the Dai Nippon Butokukai (society of martial virtue) from japan. Sensei has graciously asked me to teach the Sunday Aikido weapons class, and now Ive now started teaching to juniors just last week.

So I started with gentle warm ups, for a bout 15min, then I spoke about the aims of Aikido, and built upon the principle of not causing you attacker harm, but to still have total control, and we achieve this through body movement, I introduced Tai sabaki at this point.

We moved on to simple forward roles. The first technique I introduced was ikkyo omote, leaning on the principle already learned of, body movement to control your attacker, and not strength and aggression.
We practiced also Ikkyo Ura. After they got the general idea, I added the idea of letting them go after you enter forwards from ikkyo omote, to help uke to learn forward breakfalls. We ended with suwari waza Kokyu dosa.

Although I had to close my own dojo, i fell i have gained an immeasurable amount more by becoming a member of the mid sussex martial arts school.
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