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Re: what would you do?

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And I think this is the right spirit: understand where you need to stop teaching per se and start leading the exploration. Takes a real ability to be secure in oneself (as opposed to in one's technical chops) to take that leadership with smiling equanimity rather than feeling defensive because of feeling challenged.
Still working on that part...

It's actually easier once you accept the challenge, though. That is, avoiding the question -- whether it be "how does aikido handle real attacks" or "what was Saotome doing" -- looks defensive. But once you say "I don't know, let's explore" it feels to me like there's a lot more freedom to try things that don't "work."

(And by the way, trying something that doesn't work in front of a class will not cause you to die of embarrassment. I know this from first hand experience.... )

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