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Re: what would you do?

Katherine Derbyshire wrote: View Post
We had a weekend seminar with Saotome Sensei last weekend. Monday night, I unexpectedly found myself teaching the class. I asked for requests, and a couple of people asked to work on "that exercise Saotome Sensei was doing."

I'm not him. I can't do what he can do. That's just a fact.

But I could say: here's what I think was going on, and here are some exercises that should get you headed in the right direction. Let's work on this together.

And I think this is the right spirit: understand where you need to stop teaching per se and start leading the exploration. Takes a real ability to be secure in oneself (as opposed to in one's technical chops) to take that leadership with smiling equanimity rather than feeling defensive because of feeling challenged.

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