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Krystal Locke
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Re: What is up with Bu Jin?

Still waiting on my new hakama. The communication from Aikido24 has been spotty. My partner and I sent several emails to check on its status after 8 weeks had gone by from ordering. We got one email back apologizing for the lack of response, and offering free embroidering. We emailed back with an image and description of the embroidery we'd like, but it has been a couple weeks since we sent that email, and no response, again.

So, looks like Aikido24 was less prepared for the hakama onslaught than they thought, their lead time on hakamas has changed from 6-8 weeks to 8-10 last I checked, and communication has been spotty. I hope the hakama is nice, and BuJin can protect its good name.

I do wish the hak would get here, I'm running out of athletic tape, and more holes keep showing up in my current one.
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