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Re: what would you do?

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really? i said that when i was shodan. and i thought shodan was the beginner.
thanks. that was the spirit/idea i had in mind.

it occured to me, that the response in the scenario would depend on different things, and thus, there cannot be one blanket answer for this.

i am reminded of the concept of paradoxical teaching, wherein a teacher says seemingly contradictory things to different people to teach the same thing, and the idea is that each person needs to hear something different to get them to understand. i think, with this in mind, i would revise my first comments to include other possible responses, suited to the person/people asking.

regardless, i am confident that my sensei would not take such a thing as an 'insult' to the rank ive been awarded; we come from the 'shodans are just beginners' school of thought, as well.

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