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Allen Beebe
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Re: Shirata Biographical Article

Doug Walker wrote: View Post
There is no resistance in aikido, so you must read the next part.

I really appreciate everyone's kind comments.

BTW, I really think the photograph Ernesto discusses above is a big deal. The web of interconnections Ueshiba, Takeshita, Omoto kyo, Shirata AND his family is something to consider. Just think of a young 20 year old new uchideshi who has had one of Ueshiba's biggest and most influential supporters over to his house.
What Doug said! We have enjoyed talking about the possible ramifications of these relationships for some time now. And the more information that comes out, the juicer the implications! Decisions made, and events that took place during this time period seem to have had a profound impact, probably beyond (and most probably intended to be beyond) many people's realization.

~ Allen Beebe
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