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Re: The Principle of Sutemi

Thanks David.

About this,

In another story, he told of a Frenchman who was already very competent in judo when Mochizuki arrived in France. The guy wouldn't train with him, but criticized him to other French judoka and one day appeared at Mochizuki's apartment and demanded that they fight. Mochizuki pointed out that they were on a concrete (or stone) sidewalk, but the guy insisted on fighting right there. So Mochizuki accepted and the fellow began attacking with judo. Mochizuki said the guy had good timing, good rhythm, good movement and good technique. But Mochizuki caught him with uchi mata gaeshi (inner thigh reap), threw him up into the air and came off his own feet as the uke went over his head. So the uke hit the sidewalk flat on his back and immediately after, Mochizuki landed on his stomach.
A pair of things:

By your description I think you mean uchi mata makikomi for uchi mata gaeshi is a counter to uchi mata.

Was Alcheik the frenchman in this story?
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