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Tadhg Bird wrote:
One very small, probably insignificant thing bugged me about the article: The author always capitalized Daito Ryu Aikijujitsu, with capital D, capital R, and capital A. The only time he capitilized "Aikido" was at the begining of a sentance. A subtle indicator as to the author's opinion of the two arts? (probably not)
Who knows. I decided not to notice that. Not important. However, Daito Ryu Aikijutsu is a proper noun, that is, a Name. Ueshiba-ha Aikido is also a Name. Aikido, like judo and jujutsu, are just nouns.

Isn't it lovely when you can just look at things like an editor and smile?


*thanks to Chuck who came up with this, I just typed it*

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