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Re: Stop My Technique?

David Orange wrote: View Post
I guess I'd have to say it's more complicated. If they had something similar to Ark's, they didn't often show it and they didn't teach it openly, which, I think, is consistent with martial arts through history. Maybe you had to notice and ask and just keep watching more carefully and work it out for yourself, or maybe they would teach it directly if you asked. Washizu did tell me once that you can tell if someone has aiki by looking at their fingertips, but I was never able to work out exactly what he meant. I hope I someday have the chance to discuss that with him in person.

Anyway, I'm certainly glad that we have people like Dan, Ark and Mike to make us face the fact that the "art" and "technique" of aikido is quite capable of hiding very deep information and power while the practitioner appears just like everyone else.

Hope that's helpful.

Yes! That was very helpful.

Thank you very much.

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