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Re: Facial Expression and Internal Power

Mark Freeman wrote: View Post
...this whole IS/aiki thing is providing me with more food for thought and reasons to practice than ever before.
Great, innit?

Mark Freeman wrote: View Post
You may remember that I posted a mind/body exercise on your Ki Eurika thread?

You were the only poster to say that you tried it, and that you were surprised how effective it was - (maybe others tried and it wasn't? we'll never know).
I did find that very interesting and I still think about it and try it from time to time.

Mark Freeman wrote: View Post
Although we are using different metaphor to describe what is going on, they are similar in practice. I would offer my opinion though, that metaphors can impose their own limits. Your idea of the body being a ki filled 'sock', seems to impy that the ki ends at the outer edges of the body.
Well, that was one of the big shocks when I met Akuzawa and he stressed that everything in this way is done inside the body and you never send your power out of your body. You can send intent and such out, but the actual energy stays inside and you do the techniques inside yourself to produce a powerful effect on someone who is in contact with you. A lot of techniques in martial arts seem pretty much to require that you put your energy into the other person as force, but in IS/IP, you keep it inside.

Mark Freeman wrote: View Post
I like the concept that the sock is 'filled up' with ki and that it can be 'pressurised' by an external load and respond without involving muscular involvement. So my concept of the dantien being like a pressurised air filled balloon, seems to correspond. I think where my approach differs from yours slightly is that mentally, my balloon can extend beyond the outer limits of my physical body, therefore the 'pressurising' on the ki level starts before physical contact is even made.
Maybe it's that the intent expands? I was also impressed, when I thought about it, by the old Chinese saying that "jin" "begins in the soles of the feet, is directed by the waist and is manifested in the tips of the fingers." It just hit me one day that all of that is inside the body. The "jin" doesn't come from outside the body and it doesn't go out of the body, but is in the soles of the feet and the tips of the fingers--the whole body filled all the way to the edges.

Mark Freeman wrote: View Post
At the moment I am having fun playing with this concept. I have someone load up my wrist with a push, and keep it steady, I have already equalised the 'pressure' as in the exercise mentioned in the other thread. I find I can mentally reduce the size of the balloon, still keeping the pressure constant, thereby drawing the partner in, without any feeling of collapse, this can then be coupled with the balloon being rotated in any direction I choose to think it. Uke goes wherever the outer edge of the balloon goes, as if they are a print on the outside of the surface skin. I find I am no longer really interested on what the partner is doing, I am totally focussed on my own internal set up.
Very interesting, again. I need to try that. It's also very similar to some things Dan told us.

Mark Freeman wrote: View Post
Just more food for thought and things to play with...onwards and upwards McDuff!
Just so. And cheers to you, too.


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