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Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Hi Mark.
I have a similar type of question for you to do with shihonage. The shihonage done away from or to the side of the shoulder which results in a breakfall. Do you do this?

I ask because I do not. I ruled that one out years ago. My rule is that the hand of the opponent is returned to the shoulder, in fact to the top of the shoulder. This I find far more effective also, similar to the kotegaeshi return not being away from the wrist.

Just wondering.

Hi Graham,

no, we do it in a similar way to you, ukemi is taken by sliding/sinking into the mat. I have practiced the over the top ukemi, but we don't as a rule do it anymore.

I can see the older more jujitsu flavoured shiohnage being a very effective battlefield joint breaker, when done with intent. Good ukemi is the only way to avoid injury with that one....


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