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Re: Techniques in themselves don't work

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
... the essence of what is happening in the body ...
If this is can not be called "technique" what is it?
I'm just starting to search, to look for it. But I am deeply convinced that this can be learned, can be taught, can be explained? It is not arbitrary, it's not magic, it's not fake. It must be something down to earth.
Even it is something very deep.

Thank you for answering. While I'm trying to find words to answer you, I note that I contradict myself.

You are right: A waza like shiho nage or something like that doesn't exist in itself. Question: Are those waza more "typical situations" than "techniques"?
You are right: The essence is what is happening in the body. Question: Isn't this also "technique"?

Ah, and there are not some different techniques in the body, but only one? And this one thing does it all?

questions questions
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