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Re: Techniques in themselves don't work

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
Basically speaking, nothing works well without Aiki.
-Yukiyoshi Sagawa

Which makes sense to me, you can do a paint by the numbers picture (are those around anymore?), but that doesn't make you a painter - not even a good one. And painting by the numbers seems unlikely, IMO, to ever teach you much of anything about painting.

Shioda would say that even if you do a technique perfectly once, if you do it the same way a second time it won't work.

So what needs to link the first and the second time?


I like this one. Whenever someone does a 'great' technique and thereafter get's stuck I tell them to take a break and enjoy the good one.

If duruing a drill, and I want them to carry on then I point out they are stuck in the past and have them carry on. Fear can take you out of now but so can 'that perfect one'. Hence every moment is new.

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