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Re: Techniques in themselves don't work

Mario Tobias wrote: View Post
... a person's aikido only works if it applies to ALL body morphologies he encounters: ...
I have to admit I don't understand. Because, what I call "technique" is exactly the tool one needs to deal with this: The details of every technique are "designed" to provide the skills to use it against any given body.
In my understanding and also my experience this is just, what technique is about. That's why learning technique is so very difficult and has to be so precise.
It is due to "correct" technique that you can handle people who are stronger or bigger. And that you can rely on the technique whoever is your partner.

This video points in the direction I am thinking of.

...the higher the probability you can make the techniques work on a large number of people but that does not mean you understand the art. There must be more fundamental than "technique" that needs to be understood if ever one is to progress significantly.
In my undersanding Technique is not only the outer movement. That outer movement just is a sort of the shape of the technique, that part of the technique you can see. And that shape has a lot of very specific small details you nearly don't see. Finally: Most of what I call technique happens within your own body and can not be seen from the outside. And enables you to deal with alls sorts of other bodies.
Technique means to organize one's own body in a certain way, I think.

This are just my thoughts. With not having decades of practice in me, but only few years.
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