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Tim Lee
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Re: Twenty Years of Stillness

One should comment when you are moved to comment, I have known Sensei Ross a very long time. His words, his actions, thoughts on paper or the web have affected the way I think, and moved me to look inside search for the answer to problems and solve them. So building a stronger me, rather than giving me a crutch and winding me up on Sunday. Being a teacher of martial art myself and leading my own group, one of the greatest traps is building a group around you that is too needy. How do we avoid this when people come to us because they feel they need something, fitness, distraction, education, confidence, some fortification of their spirit maybe is the best way to put it. It is human nature to seek comfort or to move to a position of least resistance. So challenged, people do one of two things they as an old coach use to say "suck it up and go",or they settle into stagnation because this is a comfortable place. A place where there is little requirement of them. I am afraid that folks in training often, use the training as their happy place, a place they go to get away from work, family, stress of everyday life. Sometimes I have thought " well this is okay for a time", then an epiphany NO it's not. It's Not because this means the healing begins and ends where you are. This serves no one. From the very beginning we have to take what we know and take it with us and let it flow. This is the dynamic struggle of martial arts for most of us we are taught that you kind of keep your training solemnly too yourself, this was my training in Chinese discipline. One of my teacher's teacher's taught that if you know a bit of our art you should teach it, of course to someone worthy. He lived through World War II and saw many of the grandmasters of my art die in the field and elements of their teaching lost forever. I myself have encountered the death of a great teacher and aftermath of "where do we go from here". I have always loved the name Sensei Ross chose, Still Point, nothing describes better martial art in concept, or US as part of the tribe of human beings. Whether we look out from the still point in one direction or look around for what there is to see is up to us. Thanks Sensei for your teaching, friendship and brotherhood. Congratulations on 20 years of success.
Go Full of Purpose, or do not go.
Go completely free of purpose, or do not go.
Enter without competing, Win, but cause no one to lose.
One path will take you away from the chaos of the Encounter.
The other will lead you through the fire.
Where do you wish to train?

Very special words you wrote to me many years ago, it is the mantra of my group.
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