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Re: Stop My Technique?

I think I have progressed through three main training approaches. First, for years too long, I trained the techniques. Technique, technique, technique, etc. and thought that would get me where I wanted to be. Nope. Then, I focused on what I call lines of power - the direction of the attack, the defence, the balance, the way/direction uke grips, and so forth, and thought that would get me where I wanted to be. Nope. And now I am focusing on uke's energy and am finally getting somewhere. You can liken it to either taking balance or energy - but it is the same thing - and it seems to be what Gregg (see above) explained. You need to 'have them' from the first instant. At first, it is hard to create a whole technique and far easier to do a shorter version of everything. In time, you learn to keep uke's balance for longer (before throwing or immobilising) so as to make the aikido shapes work properly. But in reality, self-defence, it works far better to keep everything short and sharp. I am still working on it but am finally getting somewhere. It works against both static and dynamic attacks and I like to find people who resist because it seems to work no matter what. There are some people I can't do it on and it is they I like to seek out as I see it as the best, honest, way forwards. So, yes, please stop my technique (not good for beginners though). Still trying to figure it all out ... but not relying on anyone to show me. And Minoru Akuzawa anihilated me too - because he is 100 times better than me, and the answer is easy: athough I have really up'ed my own training in terms of fitness, he trains a lot harder than most anyone I have ever seen. Don't blame him for stopping you; don't label it as anti-aikido becuase then you won't deal with it; you have to learn to deal with it becuase it is real. If someone stops you, you need to find a way to re-initiate their movement, and if you were good at it, they wouldn't have stopped you in the first place. I'm still working on this too.

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