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Re: Isn't it Ironic?

Magma wrote:
How ironic is it that on a discussion of "masakatsu agatsu" we would watch someone lose his center?

Personally, I think the idea of trying to quantify an idea such as "the beginning" - as Victor does a few posts ago, asking, "...and the beginning is?" - is the product of a western mind. We're so bred to the bone on science and what we can poke, prod, regulate, or postulate that we have washed all of the magic out of our lives.

I don't think Kristina would say that she has attained a full victory over herself and so come back to the beginning again, so maybe until then she'll be unable to explain the concept any better than she has. Maybe when you get there you'll be able to explain it better.

Or maybe it needs no explaining at all... only experiencing.

Oh, oh...
A product of a western mind.
And what is wrong with a western mind?
What is wrong in speaking of Masakatsu Agatsu with some (or a lot of) humour?

IMHO, Aikido is for joy, not for something like a serious study (I mean studying Aikido like mathematics/chemistry/biology/history)

If I'm not right - I'm wrong

If I'm not right - I'm wrong

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