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In Danish Aikikai the student prepares a program based on a curriculum where it is stated which types of techniques the student should demonstrate. This inlcudes:

suwariwaza (ikkyo-gokyo, Iriminage, kotegaeshi)

Hamni handachi (at least 5 variations and until instructed to stop)

Tachiwaza (3 categories from this list: Ryote tori, Aihamni katate tori, Gyakuhamni katate tori, Sode tori, Katatori men uchi, Yokomen, Tsuki, Shomen, Morote, Ushirowaza - at least five variations in each cat.

tanto tori (10 variations)

And then something quite specific for students of Nishio Shihan:

Ken tai ken Shihonage

Ken tai jo Shihonage

Usually before the grading one of the Tachiwaza categories is decided by the grading committee.

This type of program usually lasts for about 15-20 minutes.

- Jørgen Jakob Friis

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