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In my association our shodan test consists of:

A section in which the examiner names attacks and you do which ever pins and throws come to mind for that attack. (this section is basicly to get you into your rhythm and calm your nerves).

we then have a section of Kata. In which the 5 basic pins are done (irimi and tenkan) from shomen uchi attack (apart from gokyo, which is done from yokomen). Very slowly and extremely precisely.

We have a section of defense against a knife. 6 different attacks 2 or 3 different techniques from each attack, with suitable disarmament.

We have a section of randori. only against one opponent.

of course the examiners are looking for many things within the test. But, you are not asked to take it unless the head of the association is sure you are competant enough to pass. Which is slightly different to previous grades, since in all kyu grades you can grade when you want to and when you feel you are good enough... but if you are not good enough you fail. (but you get feedback over where to improve)

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