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Diana Frese
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Re: Yurusu, An Aiki Perspective

Gregory's post just reminded me of something, though I've been thinking of the article for weeks intending to make a general comment on the great topic and great essay by Francis.

My friend Ginny, who in recent years returned to attending church (Roman Catholic, she is a "fan" of Mother Teresa, by the way) was working at cleaning people's houses years ago before she went into retail sales. Most of the housecleaning customers were very nice, but some customer said something unkind, I seem to remember her saying. What I'm sure she said was "It was very ignorant of them." This reminded me of a simple and modern restatement of one of the most famous quotations in history. It was something spontaneous and she was probably not thinking of the original at the time, but it was something taught to me by someone a lot younger than myself. She is a sensitive woman, but in spite of whatever hurt she felt, she held on to the right attitude for herself.

I have learned to pay attention to what she says over the years because I can learn so much from her.
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