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Re: testing (skill) aikido

Hello Jason,
I'm not sure that the people who got it from O Sensei "got it". I think that is part of the thrust of many dialogues occurring now. People are asking if what they have received and practice and teach is actually what Ueshiba himself was doing, hence the reported statement, "that is not my Aikido!". The fact that many of the original Kobukan were already trained but could be handled so easily by Ueshiba, the fact that Sagawa purportedly in his 90's handled attacks from his chair, the idea of "transparent Power' and "mountain echo", these are the things I am pursuing. Maybe because I hit 60 this year and I am aware that strength and speed fails, so does technique, I am not looking to win any competitions. I know how to defend myself and have, I cross-train in two other arts, but still i think that Aiki do holds out a possibility that is beyond the skill sets of all forms of jutsu, however accomplished.

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