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Marc Abrams
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Re: On Civility, Political Correctness, Honesty, and Frankness

Diana Frese wrote: View Post
Yikes! I can't believe I am just jumping into this thread with both feet. My own writing style is usually simple, convoluted and often awkward. Usually just some reminiscences from years ago.

But this, going back to the original post, is just a geographical point and maybe a different perspective from the subsequent comments.

Marc's teacher was teaching at the local Y here several years after my group joined with the Norwalk group, so I was the one who provided the recommendation in answer to his phone inquiry from the Yellow pages. The main road closest to us goes directly up to Bedford Hills .

Shortly after I joined Aiki Web Marc was kind enough to write a PM and invite me to a seminar he hosted. Dan also kindly invited me to where he teaches further north in CT from here. Yes I am curious but Fairfield county is expensive to live in and the building trades (which we are in) have been down for several years... so transportation is a problem, hard as it may seem for many to understand. We share with others.

I do read the discussions, when I have a chance, but want to thank Marc for his straightforward advice to all that you have to be there to know what it's about.

Yes my friends and I are interested, doing our best in daily life in the meantime, but will have to wait until we can get something together to attend... hopefully Dan will still be offering the lessons...

Thanks again Marc for your offer of hospitality at your dojo, and thanks Dan...

Marc, let me say again that that is one of the greatest concise recommendations of anyone I have ever read, it shows your talent and sincerity

I am the one forever indebted to you as a result of that phone call so many years ago. You were honest, straight-forward and very, very helpful. You helped to start me on a path that I am on and am working harder today, than when I started! My door is always open to you and anyone who mentions your name.


Marc Abrams
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