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Diana Frese
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Re: Rethinking Aikido for the 21st Century

Hello again, Francis, for that is what "Father Joe" who visited our little YMCA dojo always called you when he spoke of you... the broad and expansive point of view of your columns give so much to think about that it takes me a while to focus my thoughts on an appropriate comment. But to many of us, each column inspires that we answer in some way. Although there are many subjects that can be found in this column, as in the others, the tone that impressed me the most this time was the heartening, even glorious portrayal of the possibilities for the future.

There has been great sadness at the passing of many over recent years and your columns always remind us to, while paying them our respects, continue on with whatever our own part in the future development of Aikido might be, in whatever aspects are natural to us as individuals, and however we may be able to work together with others.

Well, there's my attempt to put some of my feelings into words. And if I may quote you with thanks for your Hawaiian greeting "Haouli Maka Hiki Hou"

which you translated as "May 2012 bring you joy and fulfillment in abundance" and is meant to be passed on to everyone...
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