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Re: "The goal is not to throw"

Phi Truong wrote: View Post
you guys don't use iron claws?
your aikido stuffs must not be very good then

i think the problem with aikido (ok, one of the many problems) is the training paradigm of nage-uke setup. the nake/uke setup dictates a winner/loser scenario whether we want to admit it or not. it creates a subconscious idea of struggle and resolution. if you want to mess up the mind of aikido folks, ask nage to initiate the attack and finish uke off with an aikido technique. just that alone would messing up folks at most aikido dojos (what is the plural of dojo, is it doji or doja or dooh? )

so if you look at the taiji push-hand paradigm (taiji has its own problems too), there is no nage or uke. both person started out as equal and proceed to see which one can exploit the other person's weaknesses (mine are foods and women, not necessary in that order), then learn how to deal with the weaknesses, so both person ended up learning through the process.

it's the mindset that needs changing first. it should view at a continuous problem solving process.
Dear Phi,
In shomen uchi ikkayo Tori should not wait for uke to make shomen. Rather than wait for uke to strike, Tori initiates the atemi [both to Ukes face and body ]then if Uke defends against this attack from Tori [by Ukes instinctive action of defending his /her face ] Tori cuts through strongly , taking ukes posture.This is irimi -entering into Ukes centre .Imo this is a case of Tori initiating both an attack
and finishing uke off with an aikido technique.A case of pro active action by Tori. Cheers, Joe.
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