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Re: Investment

For what it's worth, that was really beautifully put! It was because of people like Ron Tisdale (who I have never met, but whose manner and character has always seemed to shine through) that I was confident the perception often picked up online about you was wrong. The passion you have not just for training, but incredibly sincere training, is something that comes across online, but really impresses in person. I hate to think of how I come across sometimes...particularly considering my pronounced lack of experience. I'm a piss-poor student of my own chosen style, let alone Aikido in general.
At any rate, I have been trying to convince myself that at any moment I'm about to reinvest in my training...for about 10 years now. I'm a bit of a cliche at this point. Live and learn. However, I have very recently discussed this with my wife and we both agree it's time for me to invest what I can when I can, and to set aside definite blocks of time for this. Right now it's very small. Once a week beginning this week is about all we can afford, but it's an investment. Part of my present motivation comes from talking with people like yourself, and meeting you briefly reinforced certain fundemental truths about what I enjoyed in my more serious training days, so I will take this moment to say thank you for that. Only time will tell what I ultimately invest in my own training, and what the returns will be.
As for investing in Aikido, which I have made my own very small efforts at doing, I intend to do my best...and to do better at doing my best. Often this forum has served as the single thread (pun most certainly intended) keeping my mind on "Aikido." In the future I look forward to weaving something more substantial, even though it will still be relatively small I am sure.
All we can do is to keep plugging away and doing our best at doing our best to do better.

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