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Communicating in a written format is clearly not one of my strengths. Many senior teachers I train-while they delightfully rib me and roll their eyes at my God awful way of communicating on the net, none-the-less have widely lauded my ability to articulate and create metaphor to a learning process in a hands on environment that truly helped them. One fellow I just got off the phone with said "I just wish I knew a way to get the seminar you.... to write!!"
Can you hear his loud "Sigh??" I could!

So, we have each invested heavily in what we do. For this reason we sometimes see things with a narrow view. Perhaps for a time, the narrowing of view created something worthwhile for each. Here is hoping that understanding continues to grow.
You clearly have the ability to communicate visually and by hands on methods.....that is clear to me from the two times we have met. Writing is something I do at work and it is difficult to communicate in any group environment.......after all how do you get across what a plum tastes like if you have not shared the taste before or if you can't give them a piece to taste at the moment. One can watch another eat a plum and tell if they like it, if it is sweet or sour....things like that if you have enough experience with reading body language and the like.........still nothing beats handing someone a piece and then talking about it. The same goes for the internal work. You got to feel it to get if if you want to quick start your learning down the long road that it is. If not you may stumble on it down the line, but no guarantees.

This is no easy path....our body mind is so full of programmed responses and we don't even realize it. Today as I was walking between buildings at work I turned my head to look to the left and I rotated my upper body some as I continued to walked...... I then looked right on purpose to check and I didn't rotate the upper body...just turned my head..... The rotating of the upper body when looking left is likely a result of one of hte several injuries I have had on that side.....I didn't realize I was doing this until today. so how many other of these little bits of programing do I have that get in the many do you have?

Just go straight

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