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Re: [HQ] I Liq Chuan Documentary...

Hey Bryon,

thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts!

wrapping your head around all the concepts in the beginning can seem overwhelming for sure, but for instance, when all the 13 points are lined up properly, it feels a certain way, so it's really just ONE thing your looking for, the feel of that alignment. then when something slips out, it's sort of like a "sore thumb" if that makes sense...

then as your awareness expands you just keep recognizing another quality (like at the point of contact, and so on) and it just becomes another part of that feel.

some people can be put off by the highly technical aspects the training, but the application is very free.

anyway, i'll be back in LA in July to work more with the local group if you're interested in getting in some more work with our framework.

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