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David Orange wrote: View Post
Yeah...and his roots in aikido are...what? Did he train with Kenshiro Abbe or Tadashi Abe? Did he train with Henry Ellis or Ken Williams? Or...maybe Jack Poole?
Hi David,

I'm guessing (hoping) that you are using the name of Mr Poole in an ironic sense? I can't imagine why you would be using it otherwise

Or maybe you could get with someone who can show you actual aikido. Henry Ellis, for instance. Or Mark Freeman, who has offered to drop by.
I hope to be seeing Graham in the not too distant future. I am happy to practice with anyone. As for me being able to show 'actual' aikido...not sure about that... I can only show him 'my' aikido, which is not the same as Henry Ellis' aikido. Personally I don't feel the need to prove anything, I do however have a desire to find the truth out for myself. One of the main reasons to quit working and travel out into the world looking for it, for some time (for that read, 'as long as the money lasts').


p.s. a good teacher doesn't automatically guarantee a good student

Success is having what you want. Happiness is wanting what you have.
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