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Re: Feeling

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
I'm sure it does contradict any Aikido you have ever experienced. However some folks recognise some similarities with some other Aikido.
"I have hearsay and speculation, your honor. Those are kinds of evidence..."

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
As keith just pointed out to do with Kinomichi.
Which is not "aikido," but "kido," Kiddo.

When I say "aikido," of course, I mean something that Morihei Ueshiba would at least recognize.

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Others have pointed out similarities with Ki Aikido. Others have recognised similarities with their own Aikido. Never have I said or presented it as what is considered 'mainstream' Aikido.
Yeah. The hats were pretty much a clue to that.

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
There are a lot of other Aikido worlds out there not part of the mainstream. My teacher has been private for round about 40 years. He didn't like the politics.
I can understand not liking the politics and I can understand going your own long as you don't sever the you appear to have done. And that root is not just the appearance of the techniques but the spirit of stepping up, dropping the passive-aggressiveness and being willing to admit that others may know something a lot deeper than you.

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
His students over that period are dotted around many places, some with their own set ups and own name.
Yeah...and his roots in aikido are...what? Did he train with Kenshiro Abbe or Tadashi Abe? Did he train with Henry Ellis or Ken Williams? Or...maybe Jack Poole?

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
I like your comment about 'beneath the surface' though. I look forward to them in myself and thus find new parts of me that need 'clearing' It fits well with my way and my way of Aikido too. Any thoughts or feelings or actions or communications that don't match with my principles and way are thus my next lesson to deal with on my path.
Very good, then. If your power were the "transparent power" type of thing, you wouldn't find my comments insulting. They would just pass through. Dan is that way. He recognizes when someone is trying to insult him, but he has too much going on to let it stick to him or inside him.

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Motivations are the cornerstone of my particular way. This in fact is the discipline. How to accomplish it in action or indeed communication is the challenge.
Well, what I've been getting from your communications is an activity that has pretty much nothing to do with aikido except to appropriate the name. So much of the trouble would disappear from your way if you didn't call you own, idiosyncratic "way" aikido.

Or maybe you could get with someone who can show you actual aikido. Henry Ellis, for instance. Or Mark Freeman, who has offered to drop by.

Best to you.


"That which has no substance can enter where there is no room."
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