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Graham, it's not my intention to insult you and I haven't "accused" you of anything. But you have presented this "stuff" as aikido and it seriously contradicts any aikido I have ever seen anywhere. Then you call it "spiritual" but I find it difficult to consider appropriation of a well-established art as "spiritual" when you badly misrepresent that honorable art.

I do consider you to be a rather "nice" guy and I admire how you "usually" remain unruffled, but the ura peeks out from time to time, revealing that, below the surface your motivations are not so consistent with your claims.

I made it up.

In fact, I did meet Arnie once, but we didn't talk about weight lifting. I asked him about the movie he was then filming in my hometown. This was in 1975, shortly before he became a household name.


I'm sure it does contradict any Aikido you have ever experienced. However some folks recognise some similarities with some other Aikido. As keith just pointed out to do with Kinomichi. Others have pointed out similarities with Ki Aikido. Others have recognised similarities with their own Aikido. Never have I said or presented it as what is considered 'mainstream' Aikido.

There are a lot of other Aikido worlds out there not part of the mainstream. My teacher has been private for round about 40 years. He didn't like the politics.

His students over that period are dotted around many places, some with their own set ups and own name.

He is well known by the local police force for over the years teaching some Aikido but even more well known for helping those who suffer stress induced problems due to the job. Lot's of things happen and are done outside of our worlds and our experiences.

I like your comment about 'beneath the surface' though. I look forward to them in myself and thus find new parts of me that need 'clearing' It fits well with my way and my way of Aikido too. Any thoughts or feelings or actions or communications that don't match with my principles and way are thus my next lesson to deal with on my path.

Motivations are the cornerstone of my particular way. This in fact is the discipline. How to accomplish it in action or indeed communication is the challenge.

Arnie was brought up somewhere near here but I never met him. My friend who teaches with me was into body building and body building competitions at the time of Arnie too, don't think he met him either but I might be wrong there.

Have fun.

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