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Graham Christian wrote: View Post
In your world it appears to me that you can insult, put down, accuse, and it's all fine until someone tells you something good about me. Well my friend, enjoy it, I'm sure you must get some pleasure out of it.
Graham, it's not my intention to insult you and I haven't "accused" you of anything. But you have presented this "stuff" as aikido and it seriously contradicts any aikido I have ever seen anywhere. Then you call it "spiritual" but I find it difficult to consider appropriation of a well-established art as "spiritual" when you badly misrepresent that honorable art.

I do consider you to be a rather "nice" guy and I admire how you "usually" remain unruffled, but the ura peeks out from time to time, revealing that, below the surface your motivations are not so consistent with your claims.

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Nice story though about Arnie.
I made it up.

In fact, I did meet Arnie once, but we didn't talk about weight lifting. I asked him about the movie he was then filming in my hometown. This was in 1975, shortly before he became a household name.



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