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Re: On being Female in an Aikido Dojo

Ashley Hemsath wrote: View Post
I am as horrified about pink gis as you are Lorien. For some reason companies decided that to make something for a woman, it had to be pink. And then when that didn't sell things as quickly as they had hoped, they turned around and made the products "support" breast cancer research and attempted to guilt us into purchasing pink stuff. (On a side note, the amount of money donated for pink items is so small, you are better off purchasing the regular version of the item and donating the price difference directly) It's a pink conspiracy and I will have none of it! I will admit a healthy bit of envy on wushu uniforms though, especially since I saw a purple and black one I loved.

Frankly, from a fashion standpoint, one that I always look at as a former Men's Wear Buyer, I have to say I am totally jealous of the hakamas worn by the late Moses Powell Sensei's Sanuces Ryu folks. African prints are quite simply wat more fashion forward than our black and blue hakamas. They are totally cool... But Sensei would croak if I wore one...
Moses Powell

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