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Hi Carl. If posturing is how some see it then I prefer that for in truth it is merely sharing.

This is the internet where data is shared, that's all. Plain English is not a reference to you by the way. You asked, we stayed with it, we clarified. Nothing wrong with that.

Now, back on point, what did you feel from Endo Sensei?

Just to be clear, I did not intend to give my own opinion about your aikido with my previous post. I think the truth of what you are sharing would be more convincing if you trained with others, but it is your business if you choose not to do so.

Regarding what I felt from Endo Shihan, as Carsten described before, it felt like nothing, but in my case this was because nothing happened. I would like to stress that it was only at a seminar and I only got to take ukemi twice. I was unsure of what was being worked on at the time. Some people looked like they were taking dives for him (not necessarily sensei's fault) while others looked like they were giving meaningful attacks and genuinely resisting him. Whatever was required, I got it wrong and got a telling off for my trouble and then someone came over to teach me a "lesson" afterwards (again not sensei's fault). I'd still like to get a better idea of what he's doing but I haven't had a chance to try his Hombu class yet.

I wrote a bit about it on Aikiweb already:
Carl Thompson wrote: View Post
I attended a seminar by Endo Shihan in Nagoya shortly before the one being discussed here, so I've been finding this thread very interesting reading. In my case I think I did my research and endeavoured to go along with an open mind, eager to see what different insights this shihan had to offer. However, I also had a few problems understanding what the point of everything was.

I realise his regular keiko may be different and I shall try to make it to one of his classes at the hombu sometime, but I feel there have been some valid points here regarding the kind of training he does during seminars. I found that sometimes I just didn't know which way people wanted me to go and I wasn't being made to go anywhere. I understand that this kind of practice may be intended as some kind of subtle movement-teaching kata, where each acts their part, but no one adequately showed me my role in it.

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Charles Hill wrote: View Post
Hi Carl,

I want to make sure I understand what you are saying. You are saying that as UKE, you were not made to go anywhere? So would it be correct to say that you think that correct aikido practice consists of tori making uke do something/go somewhere? If this is correct, what did you do in that situation as uke? Did you stop moving?
I tried to leave what I thought was correct aikido behind. I went to the seminar to do Endo Shihan's aikido, whatever that might entail. One of the problems I had as uke was understanding just what that was, whether I was supposed to be getting made to move or whether I should purposely move to help my partner as part of the training.
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Ron Tisdale wrote: View Post
Hi Carl, during the course of a normal keiko just about anywhere, isn't there a mix of the two?

Yeah, definitely. I'm not demanding absolutes. I hope I wasn't demanding or expecting anything. Maybe next time someone like me blunders through one of these seminars, someone might say "ah, you are having the same problems as that stumpy guy with the beard off Aikiweb. You need to do this and this. Resist/don't resist me here and help/don't help me when I do this by moving/not moving here."
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