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Re: Koshinage Ukemi

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The problem I think is that (some) aikido dojos teach koshinage which will require high breakfalls, regardless if its soft or hard ukemi, yet they don't teach proper breakfalls. There is this disconnect. Some dojos frown upon hard breakfalls (saying something like make the mat your friend) yet it is one key skills for survival as an uke. I am used to hard breakfalls yet some of my seniors get angry when I do it. But my 22 years practice without injury from ukemi is I think enough track record that I maybe doing something right.
It's more like an overemphasis on roles rather than a de-emphasis on breakfalls. I remember being shocked by backward roles in response to a direct irimi (shomen-ate) when I first trained in Aikido outside Japan albeit a different style. I could not help but follow that up with a few light taps to an exposed spine. Don't expose yourself and keep your feet between you and your attacker. Same with Koshinage - a roll can not be done when your only direction is down - why limit your training to it.

Rolls are a wonderful warm-up and definately have their place but one really should train in a variety of ukemi in a more balanced way.

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