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Re: "The goal is not to throw"

Hi David
Thanks for advocating, but we all need to be advocating for truth and honesty, not me. These issues are past me or any one person. It needs to be you guys in the community fighting for Aikido.
Pretty much everyone who has gotten out and trained with the people who are actually teaching the things Ueshiba was capable of now know it is all but dead in Aikido.

You have a vast array of people in Aikido moving in the wrong direction that have all but destroyed the reputation of Aikido as a budo in the modern era. Dojo membership is way down and people seeking real skills and abilities are going elsewhere. The pretenders to Ueshiba's vision, while being obvious to us, are not obvious to the public looking. They...don't know how to differentiate the pretenders from good Aikido. So it is a very good thing to keep calling people on their claims and abilities to display anything that ever related to Morihei Ueshiba himself. Others, who just want to do their thing are different, I am talking about those who claim to know Ueshiba's aiki.
If we don't call these people on it....the public will continue to call the entire art on it.

Defending Ueshiba's vision and displaying his power is the only way we are going to move his art into the future as both a martial art...and a way. I am one of many, helping folks to do that.

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