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Re: "The goal is not to throw"

Mary Eastland wrote: View Post
For the sake of discussion we could give people the benefit of the doubt.
Why would we do that? The standard of "put up or shut up" has been a mainstay of budo from the beginning. Ueshiba always gladly proved whatever he said with action. So did Mochizuki, Tomiki, Shioda, Saito, and all the other pillars of aikido. Graham claims to have reached their level, essentially, but he refuses to let experienced people feel his technique and he refuses to come and see for himself (and for free) what Dan actually does. Yet he continually claims that he can do all that even while impugning Dan's character and the spiritual content of what Dan does. And that really stinks to high heaven for a budoka.

Mary Eastland wrote: View Post
Aikido can be a peaceful art. AikiWeb could be a place where everyone can post respectfully. People can choose what they want to read and who they want to ignore. We don't have to make ourselves look better by degrading others.
Mary, it's not that anyone wants to denigrate Graham: it's his claims that we attack. And I find it astounding that you relate his amorphous meanderings and buzzwords to "peaceful aikido". In fact, old Graham is extremely passive-aggressive (which, itself, is very common among the less effective aikidoka of this world). Dan has tremendous power, but he is not only one of the most "peaceful" aiki people I've ever met: he is one of the most joyous. His classes are fun and amazing--and the material he teaches is incredibly effective. Further, he explains in detail how to do everything he does, but Graham rejects it all with "I do that, too." Which is also very common in aikido. Of course, Graham is
free to say whatever he wishes and to post it for international audiences to examine, but no one should consider it an attack on him if experienced and knowledgeable people point out the inconsistencies in what he says and what he does. And senior people always have the duty to point out these kinds of serious errors to prevent less-developed people from misktaking them for the truth. That's why scientific journals have peer-review. No one considers it "attacking" a scientist for pointing out errors in his math or formulae. But what if an infectious disease researcher wrote extensively about how "love" cures all diseases? Or what if a geologist claimed that God put dinosaur bones in the ground to allow liberal intellectuals to be confused? What if a chemistry professor published a paper claiming molecular bonding simply as "love" and claimed that it was not necessary to provide any kind of proof of his claim? Would the ineveitable storm of criticism mean that 1) the scientist's peers just didn't like him; 2) that the peers wanted to "degrade" him; 3) the peer are being disrespectful? Of course not. And excluding a few statements from both sides, no one has disrespected Graham more than Graham, himself, but posting claims that he will not defend in person with great martial ability.

Mary Eastland wrote: View Post
Graham practices Aikido on this board all the time. He says what he wants no matter how many times some people try to make him look ridiculous. You could learn a lot from how he posts.
Mary...what Graham does on the forums is not "aikido" but simply passive-aggression, directed by an ego that is afraid to be tested for fear of failure and afraid to admit that others may actually have something far greater than he, himself "understands". I've just never known any budoka who could hear of something new and incredibly powerul and not be driven to find that great thing and try it out.

But Graham thrives on getting credit for what others have done simply by claiming, "I can do that, too. I've done it for years."

I'm surprised that you can see this enacted repeatedly and not be a little surprised at it, yourself.



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